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Chakra: Heart, Crown
Zodiac sign: Aries

Magnesite brings deep peace to meditation and relaxation. It opens the heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love, including love for the self, which is necessary before you can embrace love from other people. It can be very helpful in the practice of unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult because of their behavior or addictions. It helps you feel centered, standing by placidly and allowing the other person to be totally who they are. Psychologically, Magnesite brings to the surface all forms of self-deceit. It supports people who are nervous and fearful and helps them to overcome irritability and intolerance.

HEALING: It contains a high level of magnesium and aids its absorption in the body. It detoxifies and neutralizes body odor, acts as an antispasmodic and muscle relaxant. It treats menstrual, stomach, intestinal and vascular cramps.



Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac sign: Pisces, Leo

Petalite is sometimes known as the Angel Stone because it enhances angelic connection. It aids in spiritual purification. This is a protective stone that enhances meditation and attunement. Petalite is a shamanic stone. It provides a safe environment for spiritual contact. This stone calms the aura and opens the throat and higher crown chakras, linking to high spiritual vibrations. Even a small piece of Petalite is extremely potent as an elixir. It can be used to release negative karma and to clear entities from the aura or the mental body. It is extremely helpful during tie-cutting as it brings the higher selves of each person into the process and neutralizes manipulation at any level.

Petalite harmonizes the endocrine system and activates the triple-burner meridian. This stone is useful in the treatment of AIDS and cancer. It benefits cells, eyes, lungs, muscular spasms, and the intestines.