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1. Vanadinite - helps you grow confidence to move beyond your karmic patterns and to stop repeating them (both the patterns that you are aware and unaware of). Strengthens your connection to the Divine and always shows you the right way in which to approach a situation.

2. Chiastolite - wisdom promoter. Gives courage to promptly take the necessary actions to deeply understand one’s karmic patterns and start changing them. Helps you find your Divine Helpers that can shift your karma. An important stone to be kept close at all times.

3. Apache tear - brings wisdom and deep healing to those who are stuck in their karma and unable to get out. Calms the soul on the deepest level and brings it healing.



Root, Sacral
Zodiac sign:
Virgo, Scorpio

Vanadinite is an excellent stone for people who have trouble accepting their physicality. It has a strong connection with the earth chakra. By grounding the soul in the physical body and helping it to feel comfortable in the earth's environment, Vanadinite protects against energy waste and teaches you how to store energy on a physical level. It has the power to open a channel within the body to receive a flood of universal energy. This energy aligns the chakras and brings the Higher Self into the physical body, facilitating deep inner peace. Mentally, Vanadinite bridges the gap between thought and intellect. It helps set and pursue goals and shuts down mental chatter, allowing intuition and rational thinking to combine into an inner voice of guidance. This stone has the useful property of curbing excessive spending. Placed in the corner of the wealth of the house or a small piece in the purse it helps to hold the money.

HEALING: Useful in case of breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. Facilitates the practice of circular breathing. It treats chronic exhaustion and bladder problems. When used as an elixir, only that produced by the indirect method can be taken internally.



Chakra: Sacral
Zodiac sign: Capricorn, Libra

Chiastolite is a creative stone with the power to dispel negative thoughts and feelings. It transmutes conflict into harmony and aids problem- solving and change. This stone facilitates journeys out of the body and understanding and exploration of immortality. Chiastolite dissolves illusions and calms fears, enabling you to face reality and is particularly helpful in overcoming the fear of going mad. Chiastolite aids problem-solving by strengthening analytic capabilities. It clears feelings of guilt and stabilizes the emotions.

HEALING: Chiastolite lessens fevers, stanches blood flow, alleviates over acidification, heals rheumatism, gout, repairs chromosome damage and balances the immune system.



Chakra: Root
Zodiac sign: Aries

Apache Tear is a form of Black Obsidian but it is much gentler in its effect. An Apache Tear is excellent for absorbing negative energy and for protecting the aura. It grounds and cleanses the earth chakra. Apache Tear is so named because it is believed to shed tears in times of sorrow. It comforts grief, provides insight into the source of distress, and relieves long-held grievances. This stone stimulates analytical capabilities and promotes forgiveness. It removes self-limitations and increases spontaneity.

It enhances assimilation of Vitamins C and D, removes toxins from the body, and calms muscle spasms.